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Living and working in Switzerland can be a challenge – we make it easy for you by providing reliable, fast and straightforward tax solutions for individuals and small businesses.

accounting management from

100 CHF / hour

company domiciliation

100 CHF / month

tax declaration

150 CHF / hour

  • Tax management services
  • Audits and compilation
  • Financial projections
  • Bookkeeping account
  • Budget analysis
  • Benefits and pension plans
  • Accounting services
  • Retirement planning
  • IRS representation
  • Entity selection
  • Payroll services
  • Preparation of inheritance tax



SMEs as well as foreign companies with subsidiaries in Switzerland must prepare accounts in accordance with RPC Suisse / Swiss GAAP standards. We provide accounting and accounting support services on our own local or client remote accounting systems. These can be in English or French as needed. We can also liaise with group headquarters to answer questions on local accounting issues and assist in the correct processing of transactions in multiple currencies. All accounting services are performed in Switzerland.


When an individual is registered as self-employed in Switzerland, he must prepare financial statements to be presented to both social security and tax authorities. We work with freelancers to prepare accounts compliant with local authorities in French and English in accordance with Swiss accounting standards (generally accepted accounting principles).


To enable companies in Switzerland to comply with their financial reporting requirements to both local authorities and group financial services, a fast and robust reporting mechanism must be in place to be able to report financial statements in multiple languages. and according to different reporting standards. We can provide this service and work with a number of international groups to ensure they have all the benefits of a local financial service without the costs and obligations involved.


Some businesses need local assistance with their billing and budgeting functions. We can provide turnkey billing solutions and perform the billing process on your behalf, including credit collection and aging analyzes. Likewise, we can assist you in your budgeting process and in forecasting analysis subsequent to the year.



Depending on the size, companies in Switzerland are required to submit to an audit. These can be limited scope audits or full audits. As an audit firm registered with Expert Suisse (Swiss Institute of Certified Accounts) and the Swiss Federal Audit Supervisory Authority (FAOA), we can have a partner perform both types of audits for your business if necessary.


We can perform a range of due diligence services including financial due diligence as well as due diligence project management and valuation comparisons.


Every five years, each company is audited by the AVS / Suva (social security) authorities. We can act on your behalf with the preparation of the necessary documentation and participate in the AVS / Suva audit itself by answering and resolving any questions raised by the auditors during their visit. We can do the same with the VAT audit.


As the audit process becomes more and more structured and auditors increasingly demand that audit information be available in a standard format, we can prepare your pre-case file documentation. audit to ensure the smooth running of your audit and reduce the time required of your staff.

Business taxation


All business entities in Switzerland must prepare and send an annual declaration to the local cantonal tax authorities. Switzerland being a decentralized country means that the company will have to file with at least one cantonal tax service. This could be in French, German or Italian, depending on the location. We can assist you in both the preparation and verification of corporate tax returns as well as in communicating with local tax authorities to resolve outstanding issues.


There are two other local municipal declarations that must be completed. These are the municipal tax declaration (Professional Tax) and the tourist tax declaration.


Organizations with revenues over CHF 100,000 in Switzerland must register with the Swiss federal VAT authorities and report their figures quarterly within 60 days of the end of each quarter. We can help your organization register with the VAT authorities and prepare the quarterly VAT return as well as answer any questions that may arise from the authorities.

Personal taxation


This service is intended for the English-speaking expatriate or any other non-French-speaking expatriate who must complete an income tax return and comply with local Swiss regulatory requirements. We understand that if your language skills are limited, it is a huge advantage if you can delegate this task to someone who can explain your obligations and minimize your tax obligations.


This service is intended for English-speaking residents or other non-French-speaking residents who need to optimize their personal taxation linked to leaving Switzerland. The departure process involves obtaining authorization from the cantonal tax authorities and the Cantonal Population Office as well as preparing for arrival in the new jurisdiction.


If your personal affairs are disorganized – you don’t like to do your own administration in another language; your administration is behind schedule and reminders and notifications are piling up so we can offer you disorganization assistance service. We take care of your administration and update your various deposits and other obligations. We then provide ongoing support to keep you up to date and minimize your personal time spent on administration.


  • accounting management fees: 75 CHF / hour (excl.VAT) all included
  • administration of your company: 500 CHF / month (excl.VAT)
  • domiciliation of companies: 100 CHF / month (excl.VAT)
  • tax declaration and tax advice: 150 CHF / hour (excl.VAT)
  • company creation: 3’000 CHF (excl.VAT) including notary fees, coaching and preparation work


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